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Add $600/year to your
paycheck, automatically.

Take public transportation to work? The average NYC commuter pockets an extra $600/year with Pinwheel’s automated commuter benefits.

Total saved this year
NYC MTA Monthly Subway Pass
Was this for commuting?
LIRR Peak One-Way Ticket
Was this for commuting?
Metro North Single Ride Ticket
Was this for commuting?

Commuter benefits are confusing.

Commuter benefits are a federal program that lets you keep more of your paycheck for taking public transit to work.

85% of qualified commuters don't utilize them because they're confusing and hard to use, leaving hundreds of dollars on the table each year as a result.

Pinwheel makes it simple.

Unlike traditional commuter benefits, Pinwheel lets employees use their everyday cards on commuting expenses and adds the tax savings directly to their paychecks.

Connect debit & credit cards.

We secure your data with 256-bit encryption.

Confirm eligible expenses.

Pinwheel detects qualified commuting purchases.

Watch your paycheck grow.

Tax savings are added directly to your paycheck.
It's a win-win-win.

Employees keep more of what they earn, employers reduce their payroll taxes, and Pinwheel only takes a portion of what we save employers.

Employees pocket more money.
Employers save money on payroll taxes.
Pinwheel takes a cut of employer savings.
No more commuter cards.
Forgetting to use benefits cards is a thing of the past. Employees can purchase commuting expenses using their existing credit cards and also earn rewards points.
commuter benefits
No missed savings.
It’s a nightmare figuring out where pre-tax dollars can actually be spent. Fortunately, Pinwheel catches all qualified commuting expenses so employees don’t have to.
commuter benefits
No effort necessary.
We believe benefits should just work. With Pinwheel, employees can go about their day with the peace of mind that we’re working around the clock to save them money.
commuter benefits

Employers love Pinwheel.

No more work for HR. Connect payroll and we do the rest.

No more work for HR.
Connect payroll and we do the rest.

Super fast
Lower payroll
Plays nice with
other providers.
customer service.
Seamless payroll
Built-in compliance
Connects with major
payroll providers.

Zero dollars to start.

Request access today and experience a better way to benefit.